Part Animal

by She Roars

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released August 1, 2014

All songs written and produced by She Roars and Brad Perry.

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered and generally made awesome by Brad Perry.

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Max LeBlanc
Drums and Backing Vocals: Kyle Clark
Electric Guitar and Vocals: Nic Murrins
Bass Guitar: Chris McIntosh

Artwork by Chris McIntosh.

Additional vocals by Rachel Barrett



all rights reserved


She Roars Fredericton, New Brunswick

She Roars is a pop rock band that fuses infective, energizing pop melodies with the raw power of crowd pulsing punk rock to lead create a sound that is equally daring in its approach as it is palatable to the mainstream public.

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Track Name: Pardon The Mess
As I walk in the door
You don't say much
But that look on your face
Says that this might be enough
You say " pardon the mess
Cause it's never like this"

And the night on the town
Left you feeling so young
I want you out of your clothes
Before the wake of the sun
But you're well on your way
To end this so well.

I've had enough of lovers just setting me up
And I'm just through
It's bad enough you're with me just cause you could
And now we're through

You're speaking only in lines
And think they work so well
Though I might have caught on
I hide it
Just for the thrill
Cause keeping you on
Makes a better game

I'm learning the rules
But still I'm so far behind
in your Saturday's best
So we can pick up pick up
From where we left off
And you'll just play me so well
Track Name: Ballad For The Young Old Man

Like shows in bars
Still setting up
Your honest looks so damn rough
Haven't seen this side of you for days
Oh man

You'll smoke
till the shaking room stops
Won't notice
When sometimes is always
Making up
For the years that you forgot
Since when am I
The tired and stayed in?

With practiced lines
You're setting dates
You might get what you want
And you've been loved
But not for days
Oh man

Well you don't waste time
When you're down for a little
Get it?
You'll taste
Then you'll take mine
I'll lose
All the friends I'm counting on
When you're down for a little
Get it?
You'll taste
Then you'll take mine

You're drinking alone
Cause your friends and mine
Can't take that all the time
It's best you don't
Even though you could
Oh man

You've been lied to again
Now you're sitting alone
And don't care how it goes down
Cause "it's alright I guess"
You say "it is what it is"
So just say it and move on
Cause I don't want to stay here
I just want it to be missed
You've been lied to again
You say it is what it is
So come in let it go
Just so I'll know
Track Name: So Difficult
Tend to quantify what you got
Well you know if I'm just one more thing you want
I can tell it's over

(And) You
Are always dreaming of Hawaii
As you're lying in the sand
With someone playing
back to back uke or love tunes

You still can't stop
thinking of what you've done
Well you should know that it's not the way that you were
It's just what you were from

You don't ask for much
But damn it's so difficult to stay
To stay

You won't
show it when you're down
you'll just say you're okay

I could never find the sense from your tone
And like hell you'd write it down
So just let's forget it
Bury it deep beneath the ground

You wanted so bad
To go back and
change all the words
Well you should know
That it's not the way that you were
It's just what you were from
Track Name: Backbone
Just another one of those no one wins fights
You say "but this time you've crossed the line"
"If you do that one more time,
Goddamnit I swear I don't know what I'm going to do"
And you've seen this before
He's already out the door
You will assert yourself
Next time you will assert yourself
Never pick it back up
You've never let go
Never taking shit
But never showing your backbone
You wear your best kicks
You never go out
No one ever calls you
You got lazy lips
But your tongue is strong
Commands conviction
And you don't show your body's souvenirs
To just anyone
Like he said
"You're stable stubborn sincere and so cold"
I hate to even quote him
You're just way too damn responsible.
Never what you meant
But you take it so slow
You're still waiting tables
Not caring but still waiting for
The time that you can up and leave
Not saying before doing
Cause there's so much at stake
Better leave with words to waste
On postcards home
Like I said
"They're just stuck in their ways"
I don't know what you've been doing girl
But you've been gone for days
And now everyone around you
Clench their worries through their teeth
As if it was back when you were young
And came home with tears
And scraped knees
You just keep saying that
"Everyone's a liar
And that their pants are on fire
Hanging off that telephone wire
On that street where you grew up"
And now that everything is strange
You want a life with a little less weight
Working just enough to keep in pace
And now you're starting to see
That it's never coming back.
Track Name: Celebrate
Dance with me
Just for now
Cause everyone is coming down
And all the while
The common trend's
It's not for always
I do believe
That what you see
Is the darker side of elegance
And all the while
The common trend's
It's not for always
Pass confusion
Just a little too much
You said
"I may not be subtle
But it's what I do well"
If it's that time
When I'm looking for cause
You said
"Come on"
We got no time to waste
Let's live it up
It's time to celebrate
Never again you said
"It's the last time"
You call them your friends
They left you again
It's alright
When morning comes
You'll see the mess you made
We got enough of this stuff
So we'll get out of our heads
Loving living with no ideas at all
We're so young
So we'll take it if we can get it
Cause later on
We'll be busy with love and all that
(It's like you said)
Track Name: Strung Along
Don't look now
He'll be stringing you along in due time
Just check the scene
Cause you're the best damn thing
To come around
I didn't think at all
I just let you go
Little did I mind
You're the kind that never
Gets it right

Breathing slow
But as you turned I said it
Just a little too low
"Goddamnit you were right"

Take a step back
When it's over
And you'll know that
I just was dying to go.

Take a step back
When it's over
And then you'll see that
I'm better kept on the  side
And out of view
(Why won't this feeling subside
Along with you
I better just stick to side
And then enjoy the view )
Cause you were always over my head

You're the mistake
I was a coward to say
But given time
I might have asked
Track Name: Carbon And Leaves
I've got something to say to your heart
So shut up and listen or this won't be your last shot
You may be thinking that you've won this war
But I know you'll be coming for more

You can feel the soles that are under your feet
I'll feel the grass this is under my toes
You can wear the things to protect you from hurt
And I'll keep on feeling until I toughen my skin
I can build you things that you've never seen
And you won't take me places that you've never been
When everything's for certain get ready for a mess
You forgot to plan to be a little careless

I'll shake off the dust that now covers my skin
You can pull some strings to get under my clothes
I'll build up the walls and you'll be let in
It's not right but I feel alive

Cause with all you've been building up
I swear it's coming down
I hope you're alone
I know you're with somebody else
I'll take the things that you've made me
Put them under some rocks
I hope the stream covers them
With some carbon and leaves

I tend to get a little carried away
Cause a little too much seems the standard these days
If we don't stop there's no need to recover
I don't need your warnings I don't want to live forever

I want to shake you off but you're under my skin
So I'll let someone else get under my clothes
I'll build up the walls and you'll be let in
It's not right but I feel alive

It'll never be the same
It's best you write it down
Cause it's better said without a sound
Track Name: Runaway
You're mix of black and denim say
There's nothing left but wandering
So take what you can get
Cause each day is just a war
Never looking back
You're just a product of the modern world
You think you're changing everything
But you're not breaking any mold

You call yourself a runaway
Shove back live fast get liquored up
(you always wanted to stay you always wanted to runaway)
You're the generation
Pushing back against society
You spend a night out on the streets
And you can feel the heat their breathing
Wasting time just killing days
You don't know who you're killing for
You want nothing but the best
Or at least just what you can get
You grew up on The Missing
And the hall's old broken floor
And the Cross Town Rivals
Bring it Again
Still you never had a target
Lured by god of wine
In the pit you let the world break away
Track Name: So Tough

We all got something to lose
When the rivers
They rise
Stop acting so tough
Just show me something
And we'll search for the higher ground
As the rivers are slowly moving
You got nothing to prove
So just show me something

Come on
You're the only one that's wasting time

Sometimes you gotta learn to let go
Stop fighting with ghosts
You're tired it shows
It's time
I recognize that you're right
But still you gotta let it go.
Yeah I'm rarely there on time
Even on my best of days
But I need a better sign
So just show me something

Let's go
Before the current reaches us
Don't lay low
This will never blow over
Take note
We're the only ones left
Even the fighters are gone
(Lay this all to rest)
Track Name: Samurai
Look at the ceiling
But you know it's not there
What you're looking for is
Right under your toes
Well you said
You thought you'd get to me by coming from the side
What would you expect?
I'm a fucking samurai
I could see you coming
With your semi-nervous stare
And the bracelets that you bought
And you never take off
To show that
You can go where good kids go
And come back and talk about it
"You've learned so much
You sound grown up"
It's what they say
If they knew just what you saw
And the things you did to deal with it
It's okay we make mistakes
It's not the good things that change you
No one is looking at your
third time dyed hair
What their looking at is
Right under your clothes
Well you said
You think you see the world when you're looking at the sky
What would you expect?
It's just a series of satellites
The kind you think are stars
As you're lying in the grass
No one around for miles
But you're breathing like you've had enough
Let's watch the birds from the comfort of our nest
The purple sky makes a perfect wingspan silhouette
I can tell that your tone says "I'm sure.... I guess"
Don't bother coming if you get here and you can't stay

I want to tear the wings off time
So it can't fly anymore
And I know that it's not right
Let's take it as high as it can go

If it's not just talk then you should up and leave him
All I stole is all I got
You say you're starting nothing but you're awfully good at it
When you come around I'm on my best behaviour
Listen girl I've had enough I'm gone I'm leaving.
Track Name: Take Me Home Again
Don't stop
Along the way
I keep finding other reasons
To give in
Hands down
Arms in
Don't test me cause we
both know that you could

We pull off the road
Its already late
We're the only sounds until
We see a lantern moving through the dark
I should have told you
This lake is haunted
On the dock I can feel you breathing
Underneath your heavy clothes
And I know I can't shake this feeling
Taking me taking me so

Take me home again
Look what you've started
(I've been waiting for hours
I've got this taste on my tongue
I feel the chill of these woods
This cold dark silence.
Takes the breath from my lungs
Is it too late to)

Well it's as the leaves
Turning darker greens
You're set to leave
Still I don't know why I'll get up
It won't change a thing you said it
Doesn't matter what you say
Doesn't matter what you do
Cause you're the one that's leaving
But I guess it's right it's overdue.